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Mega Magnum Shader Tattoo Cartridges Long Taper 0.35mm

  • Unit Price:25-25
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    1 - 10US $253 Days
  • Item No:M1T
  • Category:Long Taper Magnum
  • Weight:1g
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Mega Magnum Shader Tattoo Cartridges Long Taper 0.35mm

Mega cartridges for professional tattoos only. We guarantee 100% control by experienced experts for best quality and tested by professional artists. Every cartridges made from some of the best tattoo needles in the market and come in a variety of grouping configurations as well as having a rubber membrane that effectively minimizes the cross contamination when tattooing.         

  • Safety membrane inside system.
  • Ink Flow Evolution;
  • Precise Positioning System
  • Light clear colors tip body - better visibility.
  • Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside.
  • Mag curved tip at the end for easier cornering.
  • Exact fit for needle groups every time.
  • Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.


Available Configurations:

RL - Round Liner

RLT -  Extra Tight Liner  

RLT-T -  Textured Extra Tight Liner

RS -  Round Shader 

M1 -  Magnum Shader

CM -  Curved Magnum 

M1T -  Long Taper Magnum 

M1T-T -  Textured Long Taper Magnum



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