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Adjustable Tattoo Cartridge Grip Cartridge Tattoo Tubes

  • Unit Price:10-10
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    1 - 10US $103 Days
  • Item No:DG6023
  • Category:Tattoo Cartridge Grip
  • Weight:1g
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25mm Adjustable Tattoo Cartridge Grip Cartridge Tattoo Tubes
Advantages - These adjustable cartridge grip tubes are perfect to adjust your needle depth up to 4mm and also securely lock into place to prevent unwanted depth adjustment while tattooing.
Compatible with all basic rotary & coil machines with Vice Locks.
1.Silicone SOFT
2.Super smooth for needle movement
3.3 colors of silicone available, blue, black and red
4.Most precision& comfortable grip ever invented.
5.Model: DG6023
6.1" Black and Blue Soft Grip
7.New Custom Design with Ergonomic Feel
8.Clear, fully transparent plastic tubes which allows artists to view your needles and colors easily.
9.Available as Rounds, Diamonds, or Mages - Box of 20 Disposable Tubes
10.Individually packaged in blister packs and sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas


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